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London Countryway 01 - April 2010

We set off on a bright day - a bit like Chaucer's Pilgrims but without the horses - and caught a train to Tilbury followed by a bus to the ferry to Gravesend and yet another bus to Tolgate.
Then we were off! Through the fields, orchards and undulating landscape along the Weald Way; also hop fields and a gymkhana complete with megaphone and very fast riders. The scenery was beautiful and there were patches of bluebells, pollarded trees and woodland.We stopped at the Neolithic Burial Chamber which is Coldrum to look at the stones, although the area was very busy with families enjoying the hot sun. Then on again through to Trottiscliffe (pronounced 'Trosley') and into suburbia to Borough Green station, where we rested before catching the bus to Gravesend and the return journey.