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London Countryway 10 July 2013

London Countryway 10

London Countryway   10    July 20-21  2013

We couldn’t believe we’d been doing this marathon for over 3 years ! Unfortunately this Essex section highlighted the budget cuts (or possibly lack of use!) as the pathways were the most overgrown of the whole route.

Setting off from Theydon Garnon church we bussed back to outside Enfield for some brambly, nettly and hard earth walking till we reached the River Lee navigation again.

Coffee stop at High Beach preceded a pleasant ramble through the outskirts of Epping Forest, including an encounter with a very lost horsewoman, who thought Chris and his map could assist.

Saturday evening saw the usual rowdy crowd off to the fleshpots of Brentwood (the lure of TOWIE…) while some of us took the route home.

Sunday we set off down the Roman road at Hobbs Cross, across more indecipherable paths towards Stapleford Tawney church, past the Woodmans pub and along the River Roding.

As the weather was getting very hot, we welcomed the shade of the Weald park in Brentwood, having completed about 20 miles over the weekend.

Thanks again to Chris for the able navigation, planning and humour! As Bernie will be scarred for life from the scratches, this walk will be remembered! J

And we look forward to the final leg in October……