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London Countryway 07 June 2012

London Countryway 7

Countryway                         June 16-17 2012   


The ‘ usual suspects’ set off from a, fortuitously free, car park in Great Missenden, near a Roald Dahl Museum, and took taxis along circuitous routes to Lane End.

Onwards, briefly along a main road and then into very green countryside.  West Wycombe House nestled in a valley amidst  ‘natural landscape’ garden and behind a statue of a Roman on horseback.

On the top of the opposite hill stood the Mausoleum with a pretty church, complete with wedding bells, and impressive golden ball on top of the tower. All this area was the domain of Sir Francis Dashwood, who met with other members of  the Hell-Fire Club in Eighteenth Century Buckinghamshire, supposedly carrying on in the follies and buildings and even the caves !

We began to climb, this being the Chilterns, on through Naphill Common, which was wooded, before ‘switchbacking’ down to North Dean and up and down to Bryants Bottom.

Then down to another valley and up again to the edge of Prestwood. A couple of these climbs were puffingly steep !

Chris assured us that tomorrow’s slopes would not be as bad... but then he also told us that if the chalk river of Misbourne runs dry then we are looking at the end of civilisation....it was nowhere to be seen. (!)

Most of the group spent Saturday night in Hemel Hempstead Premier Inn.


Sunday saw us at Ashley Green , astonishing more taxi drivers with our intentions to return there from Great Missenden, by WALKING.

This was a walk of beautiful, remote little valleys, meadow grasses, woods across the hillsides and muddy bottoms!. I tried not to find Kay at the back in all the photos, but the going was strenuous at times.

Fortunately, we had ideal walking weather, with bursts of sunshine, a cooling breeze and the most able of leaders.

Thanks again Chris for a very enjoyable trip.

Looking forward to the next leg...