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Virtual Walking

posted 22 Mar 2020, 10:31 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 22 Mar 2020, 10:32 ]

As we all know, our walking program is on hold at the moment so we can't get out as usual.

I decided to look on YouTube and found that there are a lot of walking videos available so if we can't get our boots muddy then perhaps we can practice in our carpet slippers.

I've chosen one to kick us off and its which is on the North Nborfolk Coastal Path, which some of our members have done.

If you like the idea then please feel free to e-mail me with your chosen favourite video and I'll post it on here.

Let's hope it's not too long before we are back together moaning about the mud.

All walks cancelled!

posted 16 Mar 2020, 12:06 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 16 Mar 2020, 12:07 ]

 The PM has said everyone in the UK should avoid "non-essential" travel and contact with others to curb coronavirus

In view of this we have regretfully decided to cancel out walking program until further notice.

Please keep an eye on the website for furthger updates when available

Shoebury today

posted 10 Mar 2020, 07:52 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 10 Mar 2020, 07:52 ]

New Walks Program (2)

posted 10 Mar 2020, 07:35 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 10 Mar 2020, 07:35 ]

If anyone was quick off the mark and downloaded the walks program published yesterday then can you please download it again as 3 walks were missing from it.
The new (version2) file is now in the download area.
Sorry for any inconvenience

New Walks Program

posted 9 Mar 2020, 04:57 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 9 Mar 2020, 04:57 ]

The program for April to July is now available for download

Friday 7th February Walk

posted 4 Feb 2020, 10:50 by Edward Short

Sadly the Friday 7th February Walk has had to be cancelled 

Beleigh Falls

posted 3 Feb 2020, 05:07 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 3 Feb 2020, 05:08 ]

Thanks to Mick Ridley for sending us this picture of the group crossing Beeleigh falls on 28th January.

Photos from walks are always welcome so if you would like yours added to the site then please email them to me.

Walk Cancellation

posted 28 Jan 2020, 10:59 by Edward Short

Sadly the walk on Saturday 8th February has been cancelled

Jim Woodcock

posted 31 Dec 2019, 04:01 by Edward Short   [ updated 31 Dec 2019, 04:02 ]

Jim Woodcocks new email address is

Christmas Eve walk

posted 24 Dec 2019, 05:41 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 24 Dec 2019, 05:49 ]

Thanks Gordon. The first part is my own variation as I arrived 30 minutes late although at 7.1 miles it can't be that much different...

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