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posted 19 Aug 2016, 08:50 by Ralph Burtonshaw
Hello Ramblers. 
Below are two emails I was copied in to.
The next local footpath clearance will be on Saturday 3rd September, with the location to be confirmed. If interested please contact Becky and Stewart at their email below. I will be attending.

Hi Dorothy

I wonder if you would mind sending an email to your members about our next working party as discussed previously.  Please feel free to reword it however you wish.

Join us to clear a footpath in Rochford District! Our next working party will be Saturday 3rd September from 10am.  The exact location will be confirmed nearer the time. We will provide tools and training so no experience necessary. Pickup from the station can be arranged. Please contact Becky on for more details.  Thank you for your support.

Thank you 

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On 20 Jun 2016, at 13:12, Dorothy Cosh <> wrote:

Hello Becky and Stewart,
Eddie Short has forwarded your emails to me and am I right, are you both Rochford and Castle Point's Footpath Officers or are you Hike Essex.  I am the Membership Secretary and Publicity Officer for South East Essex Ramblers.  Eddie said that you had a working group on Saturday clearing Tinker's Lane, this is the footpath my Husband Peter made a complaint about on the 1st July 2015 ref. no. 2410234 Location: PROW 290_19 Rochford. Part of the Roach Valley Way. To track the status of a reported Highway problem visit our website at we have just visited the site and this is what it says;
Reference: 2410234
Last updated: 04/05/2016 - 10:18
We have inspected a VEGETATION PROBLEM ON PROW at TINKERS LANE, ROCHFORD and will be fixing it imminently.
so obviously they will update this.  I asked Eddie if you had any problems with the dogs that live up there, he said no, but Peter and another of our lady walkers were both attacked, not seriously, but grabbing at trousers that sort thing.
As Membership Sec. I have 191 members on email, so when you are doing this again, please let me know and I can circulate it and you never know we might get more volunteers, certainly Peter and I will try and come along.  in the meantime I will send out the paragraph you sent Eddie, also just to let you know Footpath no. 3, at the top of Mount Bovers Lane, between a house called Cornhill and Mount Bovers Farm House is also overgrown and we, just the two of us, went up there yesterday with shears and cutters, to cut back nettles and brambles, as Peter will be leading a walk using that footpath next month, there is also two ivy covered trees overhanging the path, one at the top end and one at the bottom, that you have to duck under to get through, but of course they were to big for us to tackle.
Anyway do keep us in the loop and I will inform our committee so they know what's going on too.  Kindest regards, Dorothy