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Network Rail

posted 10 Aug 2016, 08:21 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 10 Aug 2016, 08:43 ]
Subject: Network Rail

Hi Everyone,

As you are aware Network Rail are attempting to close 62 foot crossings in Essex. The Essex Area Update contains letter written by members against the closures. Our website contains the letter sent on your behalf to our MP's.

I write to ask for your support on this issue. We all know public opinion changes things and the more letters of complaint that are written the better chance we have of stopping Network Rail not only this time but in the future.

All of the letter writers are happy for others to use their words. The letter on the website to MP's is also available to use in the same way.

It would be of great help if your Groups and members were able to add to the letters sent. It can be MP's, local Councillors, local papers or even to the new Ramblers Chief Executive, or anyone else that could help.

I do not ask this lightly but because this will directly effect all Ramblers and we have this one chance to stop it.

Many thanks.