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Weight Watchers Walk

posted 21 Sept 2011, 23:13 by Ralph Burtonshaw   [ updated 21 Sept 2011, 23:32 ]
On 20th September (the last official day of summer) Chris Travers led a party of 7 intrepid walkers from Terling to White Notley where we anticipated a well earned pint and a pub lunch. As you can see from the picture the restaraunt is "Now fully open" It might well be, but the pub was firmly shut!
There were no other pubs, or even soup kitchens, anywhere in the area so, with rumbling tums, we set off back to Terling. An 11 mile walk with no refreshment!
As you might imagine Chris had to put up with some good natured bantering but he did bring out his packet of sweets to keep us going...